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XCPCNL Business Services
13601 Preston Road #900 E
Dallas TX 75240 US


A / R Finance

•XCPCNL Business Services offers Accounts Receivable Financing through it’s business financial partner Vertex Financial Corporation. An array of financial solutions for your every cash need turning your business receivables into cash today!

•Construction Factoring

•Manufacturing Factoring

•Oil and Gas Factoring

•Temp Staffing Firms Factoring

•Service Companies Factoring

•Start-up Factoring

•XCPCNL Business Services will escort you through the process start-to-finish. Never done anything like this before? Then hit the contact form below and we will give you a call!

Special Markets

•XCPCNL Special Markets division is dedicated to providing business owners with unique workforce solutions. Enabling individualized answers to business challenges of any variety.

•Far exceeding the capacities of traditional staffing companies we can support your short term or seasonal workforce demands and then pivot to your long term requirements as necessary.

•We provide our clients with access to our established network of candidates offering critical resources necessary to fulfill their staffing needs.

•XCPCNL Special Market services can fill positions for Election workers required to handle City, Local, State or National voting elections.

•XCPCNL offers special government contract solutions that may also require special detailed reporting. Have a Special event? Special event staffing resources large or small are at your fingertips.

•XCPCNL leverages it’s industry specific expertise in outsourcing talent for specialty sectors. We pride ourselves on meeting the client needs.

HR Benefits

•XCPCNL HR & Benefits Services include:

•Full online Benefit and Health Insurance support for your Company

•Affordable Medical Plans for staffing associates

•Compliance with ACA

•401k Plans Available

•HR Compliance and Consulting

•Wage and Hour Rules assessments

•HR Risk Consulting

•Employment Handbook


XCPCNL Hospitality Services provides employers with proven staffing solutions to grow their business, reduce risk and boost the bottom line.

•The Hospitality staffing division delivers workforce solutions that specialize in Food Services, Hospitality, Entertainment, Admin & Clerical, Vacation Properties and Healthcare Industries in Texas and Florida.

•XCPCNL supplies innovative workforce solutions 24/7.

•All XCPCNL associates enjoy a solid reward and benefits program; this helps attract and retain the best talent for the business.

•In-depth skill assessments and complete background checks including drug screening ensures that every associate is a perfect for your business needs.

•XCPCNL Hospitality’s success is driven by the employee selection process. Adding the training, supervision and corrective positive guidance by our onsite managers fuels a effective success formula.



•XCPCNL covers almost every type of outsourcing need:



•Total Facility Management

•Event Services

•Construction Staffing

•Administrative and Clerical


•Line Production

•Call Centers


•XCPCNL Payroll Service packages are custom designed for your business. Innovation and flexibility. Need payroll services sensitive to your schedule? Solved.

•Compliance issues resolved, payroll costs minimized and payroll schedule customized! The best of all worlds. Make your life easier.

•Online cloud based payroll service available.

•Full Service payroll available.

•Employer access to payroll reports and information. Mobile and PC access.

•Employee online access to W-2 and paystub information. Mobile and PC access.

•Direct deposit and Visa Debit Card funding choices are available.

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